Not JUST Another Pregnancy To-Do List

  1. Pick your birth team. Seriously, not the team your mother in law wants. The one you want! Do you want a doula? Get one. Finalize your provider (Midwife or OB). It’s not too late to switch if you feel like it's not the best fit (until the final weeks). You don’t owe it to your provider to see birth through with them.

  2. Choose self-care. Practice napping. Go to bed early. Surrender to the sleepies. It's hard work growing a human.

  3. Figure out how you are a badass! Glowing vagina not necessary. Are you birthing differently than friends or family, making important choices for the health of yourself or baby, deciding to rest after baby is born? Find you badass superpower and own it!

  4. Rethink your maternity leave. Do you want to take some time before? Don't let mom guilt get the best of you now. It's okay to take leave early. Working until labor is really, really hard.

  5. Find yourself! Okay, okay... learn about your communication style, self care needs, how you thrive in the world. You're not just a mom. You're a person who is growing.

  6. Attachment- with your partner. Stop planning how to survive the terrible 2's and start working on communication, conflict resolution, understanding each other's needs. What's your love language?

  7. Discuss expectations!!!!! Who's gonna do what? Who is doing the cooking, cleaning and all of the tasks that were split before you were healing and recovering with a baby attached to you 24/7?

  8. Research the best birth class for you. Hint: they aren’t all at the hospital

  9. Freeze meals. You'll still be eating but cooking gets a little trickier.

  10. Put your people in place! You've got people who want to help so let them be helpful. Tell them ahead of time how you plan to reach out to them. They've got your back!