Choosing what matters to YOU in birth

What other people give a f*ck about doesn’t matter! Your birth doesn’t need to look like anyone else’s birth. Hear about Alise’s mind altering experience - She felt equal amounts of internal pressure to look a certain way. You may not feel connected to your body all through birth, you can rock your birth even if you’ve never done a squat in your life!

You don’t need to want or feel called to a “natural” birth, a medicated birth, you can feel afraid of birth and still have an amazing birth. In fact, in our experience most people feel some apprehension about birth or dare we say even fearful!

Identify what you do give a f*ck about! Write a birth plan. Know the limits of your birth place. If you are having a homebirth, you can’t have an epidural. If you don’t want students in the room, don’t have a baby in a teaching hospital. If you are high risk don’t have a baby at home. If you hate hospitals, have a baby at home. Decide what’s the most important on that birth plan- pick what you are going to dig your heels in about and let the other stuff go.

Don’t feel the need to explain the need to explain yourself to anyone. You do you!

Pick your influences carefully. Fear breeds fear. Surround yourself with good stories, people who trust birth and support your choices. If you have someone in your life pushing their agenda about birthing or parenting, take space from them.

This could be some soul work. There may come a time in pregnancy or even in labor when things arise when you need to make adjustments to your birth plan. You may need a medication that wasn’t planned or an induction. These types of moments may require some big soul searching and deciding what you really want to give a f*ck about.

Your birthing inspiration or (birthspiration) may not come from a birthing source.

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