What YOU need during pregnancy ('cause there's plenty of marketing for your baby)

Get a water bottle! Save the earth and save your uterus from non-progressing contractions in the 3rd trimester!

  • You need some thick skin otherwise known as resilience.- folks are gonna have opinions but actually they may just wanna engage.

  • Compassion.... Self-compassion. Your lifestyle is gonna be altered and rather than viewing it as "I should be able to do this", how do you give yourself compassion for this stage of life.

  • Snacks everywhere! Keep the energy up and nausea away

  • Naps! There's research to back it up..... Jen can't remember where she read this but it's out there.

  • Research Skills. You are gonna need a car seat etc but tap into the research others have done. Research the care options you have for birth.

  • Mom friends - be open to opportunities to find your people.

  • Reassurance. It's nice to be a little weird but when it comes to pregnancy, it's so nice to be normal. Look for the landmarks along the way to help you feel ok and not alone

  • A sense of humor- you gotta laugh at yourself. This is a crazy journey you're on.

  • Comfy clothes: boxer shorts anyone?