Modesty Revealed

Alise and Jen are breaking birth modesty down into three tiers, or rather, three clubs. 

3 tiers of modesty

  1. Staying dressed and with a lap cover

  2. Staying dressed but not giving a damn once we start pushing

  3. The naked stage of labor begins in early labor

Everyone has their own comfort zone when it comes to modesty but labor and parenthood is a time when your comfort with baring all to the world, or at least a room full of medical professionals becomes the norm. For some that feels fine and what’s to be expected, while for others it can feel scary and emberassing. There’s also a third group, those who could care less about being naked and are on a mission to get the job done.

It is okay to start in one group and move into another. It’s okay to stay strong to your feelings on being covered or uncoverd- you do you! There’s a brand of labor gowns that suggests that you need to look pretty while birthing. You can where whatever makes you feel good and strong- being pretty is not required. It’s okay to get down and dirty. There’s no pressure to be “lady like” its okay to grunt, squat, fart, burp, vomit... 
Jen and Alise have tons of tips on how to stay in your preferred modesty club or to move easily between comfort zones. 

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