Your Amazing Cervix - Magic School Bus Style!

A quick anatomy lesson went haywire when Jen and Alise realized that most women don't have down their basic anatomy before they give birth. There are far too many women walking the streets believing that we pee out of the vagina. To stop that rumor here, the ladies do a simple and humorous anatomy lesson in the style of the Magic School Bus. What would it be like if Miss Frizzle took the kids up the vagina and bumped into a closed posterior cervix that was just waiting to prepare for labor? This week, we're not just talking basic anatomy, we learning about all of the awesome things your cervix can do. Move over dilation! Dilation is cool and all but anterior facing and effacement is about to move into the spotlight and get the attention it finally deserves. 

If you're thinking of creative ways to bring on dilation or encourage labor to begin, Jen and Alise help separate the useful tips from the not so useful tips that only leave you with diarrhea and frustration. On top of all that, they are bringing tons of information on how to keep the momentum going through labor as well.