TV Birth: All Events Depicted In This Show Are Fictitious. Any Similarity Is Purely Coincidental

Fast, loud, out of control and always an emergency. If you’ve left your knowledge of birth up to television and film, these are the things you’ll believe are true about birth. Real birth just doesn’t work for a sitcom or a rom-com. It’s long, uneventful often and typically doesn’t involve a whole lot of drama. There’s so much about television birth that leaves us uniformed about the realities of birth. Jen and Alise pick apart TV birth and discuss the hazards of relying on the messages we receive through tv and film. Find out other ways to replace that information with facts and prepare for real birth.

Don’t miss hearing Alise and Jen bring there amazing acting skills to the show as they act out TV birth. Alise goes into fake labor into the grocery store! Jen races her to hospital just as the baby is crowning. Soon after, a 4 month old baby is born without an umbilical cord, just like on TV! You definitely don’t want to miss a minute of this.