Mommy Guilt

There's no avoiding mommy guilt! It starts when we see the double pink lines and never ends. This week we are normalizing mom guilt and how every mom feels it. From our choices around work, food and how we raise our kids, mom guilt is all around us. How do we stop the guilt train and feel confident in our parenting choices?

Jen and Alise have a good laugh at how far down the rabbit hole we can go with the feelings of guilt and even shame around parenting. They discuss their favorite, hilarious examples you may have seen in the movies. Alise tells how her funny story of comparing herself to Jen and feeling guilt for her parenting choices. Jen confesses to making expire and rotting food into an envy worthy breakfast. The two have a great laugh at how sometimes things look better from the outside but when we get a big picture look, we are all just trying our best.