No Pregnant Body Shame Here!

It’s the new year so of course there’s all kinds of attention put on New Year’s resolutions and a huge focus on dieting.. What does this look like for you in pregnancy?  How does all this talk about diet and weight loss land when your pregnant and you’re using calories to grow a human being?  This week we are discussing diet culture and how that plays a role in pregnancy, disordered eating, body image, expectations and loss of control.

Pregnancy is tough on us Type A folks who always want to know, control and plan for every scenario. Beyond not knowing what labor and raising a child will look like, you have a body that belong to a tiny person for roughly 40 weeks. From how you carry your baby on the inside, to hips that are done with their work day before you clock out, your body isn’t just for you anymore.

It’s easy to begin this journey with high hopes of only wanting to feast on organic salads for nine months and count on “bouncing back”. We know all too well of so many well meaning parents who could only stomach french fries and mid day naps for weeks on end.

At times, this all piles up and feels like too much. The diet culture and pressure to look like the cover of a pregnancy magazine weighs heavy and you begin to feel that shame, blame or guilt.

This week we are  saying no to pregnancy body shaming that we do to ourselves. We’ve got encouragement on how to find balance and peace through the challenges of growing another human.