Pregnant AF....

Pregnant AF

So what does this AF term actually mean?!? Jen researches and gives you insight. We’ve done the work for you! Hint… it’s not a polite word. In fact the acronym should not be used in a Professional situation.

We’ll give you examples of what it’s like to be Pregnant AF. In fact it’s “discomfortable!”

You’re in the final countdown. These are the last days, How do you survive when its hard to move, you have to pee all the time, there’s no room for food and you cramp every night?

So Pregnant AF is middle earth - it’s the weird place between growing a baby and being in labor.

You got this! No one is pregnant forever. We see you and we get you!

Teaching point: sometimes labor doesn’t keep going. Normalize that sometimes contractions don’t get longer, stronger, and closer together. They go away. No one on earth can foresee if labor will progress…. Time will tell if labor progresses.

You might still be working.Even your maternity clothes don’t fit. If one more person at the store asks when you are due…%*%&!!!!!! “Enjoy the last days of being two before you become three”.

So how do we handle pregnant AF? Stay distracted! Pedicure, rest- nap practice, date nights, Don’t focus on the days that pass just like you won’t focus on the contractions that pass

Create your space. Start a tv series.What can you during this time that you can’t do as a new family of 3? Begin a project that isn’t baby related.Go antiquing.Write a book or journal.Write thank you notes- pre write thank yous for meals