Happy Holidays!!

How to survive and THRIVE during the holidays while pregnant

  • Find comfortable clothes for holiday parties. - can rewear in labor!

  • Fun mocktails (especially if you aren’t sharing your pregnancy yet)

    • https://coleycooks.com/cran-clem/

    • https://www.pinterest.com/pin/152066924904030011/feedback/?invite_code=93125df76bc445d0bfe9291eecfef857&sender_id=2880898448

  • Comfortable shoes

  • Call it an early night

  • Pick and choose your events

  • Skip soft cheeses and deli meats especially when eating out

  • Have some great excuses on hand for getting out of events you want to miss

    • Rudolph ate my car keys

    • Just waiting on UPS

    • I have a date with my fuzzy blanket

    • I’m currently dreaming of a white christmas

What to say if your water breaks at a holiday party?

-"No, I'm not having baby Jesus!"

-"Looks like Santa is bringing me something today. At least it’s not coming out the chimney"

-"I guess that sleigh ride really helped move things along!"

Holiday wish list

-pregnancy/nursing pajamas

-birth gown

-birth ball

- water bottle with straw

- crock pot/instant pot

-labor socks

- dry shampoo

- birth bag

-lavendar pillow



Holiday play list

-Baby it’s cold outside

-Merry Christmas Baby- Christina Aguilera