Active Labor: Part 2. Stay in your body.

There's a lot to know when it comes to getting a baby out! This week we are discussing hormones and how to find your rhythm. Labor isn't the time to freak out and scream with adrenaline. How do you know what to do instead? Don't panic now or in labor. Jen and Alise have lots of tips to get you through.

 Make your labor hormones work for you. There are three major players when it comes to labor hormones. First up is oxytocin. Oxytocin is the love hormone! It's primary role in labor is to bring on contractions so be sure to bring on the oxytocin. Ways to encourage oxytocin include feeling loved, safe and supported.  Endorphins are another major player in labor because they take the laboring person out of their brain and bring them into their body. It also allows you to fall asleep in labor (WHAT??) and even provides some pain relief. Last up, we've got adrenaline who comes in right in time to push. Not only does it give you strength push (just when you thought when you wouldn't have the energy) but adrenaline also passes the placenta and goes to baby to help baby take that first breath!

Now to get the oxytocin and endorphins flowing nicely, layer all the support, labor coping techniques and flood the senses. It's time to confuse your brain and your pain receptors. Massage, dim lights, music, essential oils, words of encouragement.. the list could go on forever. The goal is to find a rhythm that feels safe and reliable when everything else unknown.

Gone are the days of the old school hee-hee-haw breathing, but focusing on your breath is still just as important. Slow and focused breathing is the way to go. In fact, your breath can even be your rhythm. 

This week is all about how to take of these tip and put them together for a more positive experience during active labor. We don't promise comfort but you can find a way to cope and find your groove to get through labor.