The 9 Month Countdown

First trimester- Rest, get through! You'll probably be really tired, possibly feeling sick, and just plain not feel well. You may need to make excuses for not showing up at events or sneaking out of happy hour early. You may or may not eat well (concentrate on eating protein rich foods when able as this can help regulate your blood sugar and keep nausea at by). Forgive yourself, you've got lots of time to eat fresh fruits and veggies. You may or may not feel excited. Practice self acceptance. Get some comfy clothes- beer belly more than pregnant belly. Decide who you want to tell.

Second Trimester- Get some books on birth. You don't have to buy 10 or read them all just yet. This is about taking a look at different birthing philosophies and seeing what resonates with you , Decide if you want a doula and begin interviewing a few and then hire the doula for your birth. Sign up for your birth class. Classes typically fill up fast. Don't wait too long on this one.  Think about maternity leave and decide what you can take off after baby arrives . Plan a baby moon or a staycation. You are finally feeling better. Have fun and enjoy feeling better!

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Third Trimester

In the first half of the thirst trimester, focus on checking off the rest of the to-do list. Meet with your doula, write birth plan, plan for your birth space. Start to think about what you need to prepare for postpartum. It's no time to attend those birth classes. Reach out and connect with the other people in those classes.  They will be going through life with a baby, a kid and even a teenager at the same time as you. Finish up your baby space and enjoy that nesting urge if you have it. In just a few weeks you may be too tired to nest.

In the last part of the third trimester it's all about self care, nap practice and partner attachment. Go out on dates and enjoy time as two. Put away books. Know that you've done your homework and prepared. Trust this process, your birth team and especially your body!