Jen & Alise's Essential List of Baby Gear

Why do babies need all this stuff? Believe it or not, sooner or later you’ll need to pee, take a shower, eat or even do a load of laundry. In the first weeks babies do sleep a lot but eventually they start to wake up and you’ll need a place to put your baby. This week we are talking about gear that will make your life easier and get you a little more hands-free time, a little more sleep and maybe even a meal while it's still hot

Fourth trimester theory! Babies often need another three months in the womb. Ideally, you can recreate another trimester by shushing, moving, sucking… this can be done by you doing all of these things all of the time, or you can call in a little help from some devices.

 Swaddle blankets (velcro) / or Swaddle sack, blankets

Your baby’s birthday suit is going to need a few bodysuits! 

 Pajamas/Sleepwear- 5
 Onesies- so many! 5+ How much laundry do you want to do?

Carrying devices We love soft sided or soft structure carriers and stretchy carriers like Ergo, Baby K’tan, Tula, or Moby wrap. You            can use YouTube to figure them out. They may appear really overwhelming at first but they get easier over time. 

A Stroller What’s your lifestyle? Figure out what your needs are. Do you have a large or small car or will you be slinging this folded stroller over your shoulder while you get on public transportation?  The reality is you may need to buy a couple strollers. Most people find that they need one for the baby car seat and then need another as their baby grows and they get out and about more often.

Diapers  What are you going to use? Cloth or disposable. Something on each floor (a cute basket with a few diapers, wipes, a blanket, spit up cloth. Changing table- Use the top of a dresser if you’re minimal. Or use a receiving blanket / changing pad stored under a couch, etc. How much of a setup do you need for changing a diaper? 

Bathtub- Is it really necessary? If you don't have space to store a tub, what are the alternatives in your household? We recommend using a sink or just the big tub. You can also go in the tub with baby.

Nursing stations- Creating a spot in your house that feels like a great place for feeding your baby if you are planning to breastfeed. This can be a nursing a chair or a spot on the couch. This spot should be stocked with appropriate pillows, a glass of water, one handed snacks, burp rags and entertainment in case you get trapped under a sleeping baby